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Deon 2022-07-08 15:11:14

Although it is a proletarian film, what I am most interested in is an uncommon humor used by the director, with a blank face, and a similar exaggerated expression, like Wang Jing said that Stephen Chow's comedy relies on action, Aki's Movies also rely on action, some things, and especially the most obvious in cowboys, exaggerated hats, unreasonable treatment of dead people, what is comedy, why people laugh, it is a break from the routine, including the movie's prison break, being robbed, various After this kind of incident, the character's performance of the incident does not seem to have happened to him, there is still rhythm, and there is no superfluous redundancy.

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  • Irmeli Katariina Pihlaja: [Taisto and Irmeli have just been on their first date] It's dark. Want to come up?

    Taisto Olavi Kasurinen: If its not too much trouble.

    Irmeli Katariina Pihlaja: Coffee's all I've got.

    Taisto Olavi Kasurinen: Coffee's fine.

    Irmeli Katariina Pihlaja: I'm divorced.

    Taisto Olavi Kasurinen: Don't let it get you down.

    Irmeli Katariina Pihlaja: I've got a kid too.

    Taisto Olavi Kasurinen: Gives us a head start raising a family.

    Irmeli Katariina Pihlaja: Are you always so confident?

    Taisto Olavi Kasurinen: No, this is my first time.

    Irmeli Katariina Pihlaja: Just don't make any noise.

    Taisto Olavi Kasurinen: No one will even suspect.

    Irmeli Katariina Pihlaja: Really? I hope I won't regret this.

  • Taisto Olavi Kasurinen: [Taisto is discussing with his cell-mate] Listen, Mikkonen!

    Mikkonen: I don't think I have a choice.

    Taisto Olavi Kasurinen: I'm thinking of getting out of here soon.

    Mikkonen: I see. How?

    Taisto Olavi Kasurinen: Don't know yet. Somehow.

    Mikkonen: Getting out is no big deal. Lots of guys have done it. But they were brought back and ended up doing twice as much time as before. They stayed around here, or went to Sweden, or headed to the nearest bar and got loaded. You've got to get further away, Italy or Africa, at least for awhile.

    Taisto Olavi Kasurinen: I've been thinking about Mexico or Brazil.

    Mikkonen: Even better. But that costs money. You think I haven't planned it all a hundred times? First, you need three grand for a passport, then ten more for the seamen to hide you in the cargo and to let you off somewhere around the equator. But it's dangerous. If the cargo starts to shift in a storm - Lots of guys have died that way. You gotta go underground until you get a passport and find the right ship.

    Taisto Olavi Kasurinen: How many years do you have left?

    Mikkonen: Eight, for manslaughter. But I'm innocent.

    Taisto Olavi Kasurinen: Are you?

    Mikkonen: At least in God's eyes. In a way, I did kill him, but the truth is I didn't. The result was the same: He died and I was sent here. All right, let's go, then. 37 now. Eight more would make me about 43, more or less. But I won't last three hours outside without killing somebody.