Malfunctioning institutions

Verlie 2022-09-14 04:58:11

It has a Kafka feel to it. I liked everything except the ending of Escape from Heaven. To think that there is a hope elsewhere is bad.

A few details are quite interesting: in the opening scene, after giving/entrusting the car to the male protagonist, he walked into the bathroom and committed suicide. Taking the initiative to choose the bathroom to die is equivalent to flushing yourself down the toilet. The carport was initially found to be a broken, malfunctioning mechanism, unable to provide shelter in winter. It was not until the man with glasses died that the button was discovered, and the carport slowly closed, as if the lid of a coffin was fastened. A belated, misplaced consolation. The boy's bad pistol, like the Ruger p08, the old gun of World War I, is another malfunctioning institution, a relic of history. That mini music box actually played the Internationale - communism is just a child's play.

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  • Taisto Olavi Kasurinen: What are those?

    Mikkonen: Sedatives.

    Taisto Olavi Kasurinen: What for?

    Mikkonen: Ask me again in a year.

  • Taisto Olavi Kasurinen: What do you do normally?

    Mikkonen: What do you mean by "normally"?