Mamma Roma evaluation action

2022-07-07 22:54
Pasolini's Mamma Roma showcases actress Anna Magnani's innate beauty at its most elegant   .There is nothing novel about the lens language of the film, but the narrative is very clear, simple and realistic, and the "line drawing" technique in literary works is widely used, which is easy to be accepted. A mother improves her son's quality of life by selling herself to help her son live a decent life. In any case, this is also a noble maternal love. Although it is not worthy of praise, it can still win people's understanding and sympathy. However, the son who received the benefits just couldn't understand and sympathize with, how painful it must be for the mother. Even if you don't understand and sympathize, you have to commit a crime for this, which will obviously drive the mother to a dead end. The mother uses immorality to cultivate the son's morality, but the son contempts the mother's immorality with morality. It is easy to despise, but how easy is it to cultivate? Perhaps, over-cultivation itself is a fault, it is it that creates the contempt and frivolity of young people  .
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Mamma Roma quotes

  • Mamma Roma: Can you dance?

    Ettore: A little. The cha-cha-cha.

    Mamma Roma: What? The cha-cha-cha? Come dance a tango with your mother!

  • Mamma Roma: About your father - guess what I dreamt last night? I dreamt we were up in the mountains in Greece. First it was full of mud. Then we came to a hill covered in rosemary, and a voice called out, "Mamma Roma. Mamma Roma, come here." It was your father's voice. Just imagine. Yes, I walked toward's your father's voice, and on the other side of the hill, who do you think I saw?

    Ettore: Who?

    Mamma Roma: You. But you were a policeman.

    Ettore: What did I do?

    Mamma Roma: You wanted to put me in jail.

    Ettore: And what did you do?

    Mamma Roma: I ran as fast as I could. Just look at this rascal, wanted to arrest his mother!

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