Mamma Roma movie plot

2022-07-07 16:40
Mamma Roma is a milf prostitute, she has gone through vicissitudes of life to get rid of her lover's entanglement and decided to wash away the beauty and raise her son in the country. Unexpectedly, because his son has not seen her for many years, even if they are reunited, the relationship between the two is still cold. The gambler's lover chased after her again to blackmail her, threatening to tell her son about her scandal of being a prostitute, so she had to go out to collect customers to raise money to deal with it. But her son's bad friends gradually turned bad, and she was powerless. In the end, she still told her son the details, and the mother and son quarreled and broke up. As a result, the son ran away, was arrested for theft, and then died of pneumonia. It was only before his death that he realized the difficulties of his mother, but the mother did not know it, and still solicited customers on the street every day   .
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Mamma Roma quotes

  • Carmine: Do you sleep in the nude?

    Bruna: That's my business. Can't I sleep as I please?

  • Biancofiore: Here, drink up. Don't be ashamed. It'll help. You're not that young anymore. This fog rusts your bones. Screw them if they call us tramps.

    Mamma Roma: Why do we do this? Who makes you do it? You don't even know yourself.

    Biancofiore: You've done it for 30 years and you're asking me?

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