Marriage Italian Style movie plot

2022-07-01 11:39
The film tells the story of a twisted relationship between married husband Dominicand lover Philomela. When Dominic was young, he rescued Philomela, a beautiful and moving girl, in an air raid. Encounters on the battlefield brought them together, but Philomela lived a somewhat unknown life and never became his wife. Later, in order to save the increasingly estranged Dominic, she pretended to be sick and tricked him into marrying her. However, after Dominic knew the truth, she broke the marriage contract with her through the law. Heartbroken Philomela recalls her three children, decides to start a new life, and tells Dominic that one of the three children is his biological son. Guilt-ridden Dominic finally returned to Philomela's side, but she never told him who was his biological son.
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Marriage Italian Style quotes

  • Domenico Soriano: Whore! You started out a whore and you still are.

    Filumena Marturano: You're talking about your wife.

    Domenico Soriano: What wife? What wife!

    Filumena Marturano: Yours. Mrs. Soriano. Me!

  • Filumena Marturano: A month ago, you made a fool of yourself over that disgusting girl! A man of 50 with a 20-year-old!

    Domenico Soriano: What do you care if she's 20 or 22?

    Filumena Marturano: I don't! I don't! I don't care about you at all anymore.

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