Martian Child movie plot

2022-03-23 08:01
Science fiction writer David Gordonsuffered the loss of his wife two years ago, and time doesn't heal his wounds, it makes him feel emptier. In order to relieve the loneliness in his heart, David decided to adopt a child. Of course, this decision was questioned and opposed by relatives and friends around him. Ignoring the opinions of others, David adopts a young boy named Dennis. Although Dennis is handsome and cute, he has a very eccentric personality. He claims to be from Mars. He hides in a cardboard box all day long, does not play with other children, and likes to take pictures with a camera without film. The arrival of Dennis has injected vitality into David's life and brought him a long-lost love. But as life goes on, David discovers that getting along with the Martian boy isn't easy   .
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  • Rosie 2022-03-28 09:01:13

    There is an urge to have a child in the future, whether it is born by myself or adopted

  • Angela 2022-03-30 09:01:11

    How many times has John Cusack played a pitiful character who lost his wife like this... Little Mars' voice is so heart-warming Incredibly……

Martian Child quotes

  • Liz: Guys, get off the dog!

    Nicholas: We're just playing.

    Liz: That dog is like 200 years old in human- would you do that to Grandma?

  • Liz: Listen, I gotta take The Omen One and Two to soccer practice, okay?

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