Meet the Browns evaluation action

2022-07-15 19:26
"Meet the Browns" is the unchanging warm water offered by Tyler Perry. Although Angela Bassett tried her best to display her acting skills, it is obviously a dream to activate a pool of stagnant water with only one person's high octaves of energy. The portrayal of the family group portrait is not only Tyler Perry's money, but also full of loopholes   .
"Meet the Browns", like the rest of Tyler Perry's films, has a straightforward structure—and, to some extent, a stage adaptation—but what happens in it must not be so simple. But the brilliance of the storyline does not mean everything. As a comedy, the key lies in its funny index and entertainment skills. "Meet the Browns" is a little bit unsatisfactory here. On the one hand, the overall story frame of the film is not very suitable for filling jokes, and on the other hand, the overall dim starlight of the film makes it difficult to effectively express humorous messages   .
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Meet the Browns quotes

  • Brenda Brown: I can pay you back now... for all you did for us. The house, the move, everything.

    Harry: You don't get it, do you?

    Brenda Brown: Get what?

    Harry: I didn't do all of that so you could pay me back.

    Brenda Brown: I'm sorry. I'm just so used to being taken advantage of and...

    Harry: Yeah, that you don't even know when somebody loves you!

    Brenda Brown: Love me?

    Harry: Yeah. Tell Mike I said congratulations.

    Brenda Brown: Hey, what if I told you I love you too? But I got scared for a second, but I'd rather be scared and with you than be not scared and not have you.

    Harry: Why would I scare you?

    Brenda Brown: 'Cause you're everything I always wanted in a man.

    Harry: Then let me be that for you.

  • Lena: Mommy, I like the clown.

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