Merantau movie plot

2022-04-12 08:01
Yoda is a seasoned member of Silat Harima, and he lives in a small village called Minangkabau on the west side of Sumatra, Indonesia. Recently, he was making final preparations for theceremony. This ceremony has been carried out in this small village for hundreds of years. After completing the exodus ceremony, Yoda will leave his home in the village and leave his idyllic life. He will come to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, in this prosperous but dirty place. Make your own piece of the world in a dirty big city.
After a series of setbacks and obstacles, the homeless Yoda feels defeated and at a loss, and extremely uncertain about her future. One day, Yoda fought a gang of European criminals in order to protect an orphan named Asti, and was hunted down in revenge by them. Yoda had to flee for her life with Estee and her younger brother. Along the way, they not only have to avoid the gang of European criminals, but also deal with all kinds of scheming pimps, hidden gentlemen and punks. Obviously, this is a contest of great disparity, but Yoda has no choice, he only chooses to fight. 
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  • Lilla 2022-04-12 08:01:01

    I've always expected Judas to kill the beasts in a savage and brutal way when dealing with the thugs beating him, but Judas just clicked like a surgeon Take the knuckles off those killers, even when the other side pulls out the gun and has already started killing, so morally. So, this guy is very shameless to die, you obviously have the ability and opportunity

  • Morton 2022-04-12 08:01:01

    The low-profile version of "Fist Fighter" was a little uncomfortable at the beginning, unsure of the rhythm, and the plot design was weak. It can be understood as an experimental work by the director and actors, and it has done a good job for the future "Raid" series. bedding.

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  • Astri: That's bullshit. Anything I earn on stage is mine and you know it.

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