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2022-07-09 20:46
"Oasen" presents two kinds of communication, one is about equality and goes straight to the heart; the other is the boundary between film and reality.   In addition to critical realism, it adds the theme of love, which makes the reality criticism in the film sharper, more pathetic, and more depressing.  
"Oasen" is different from ordinary Korean movies, and it doesn't smell commercial at all. But that doesn't mean the movie isn't good. In the two-hour length, the plot is arranged in an orderly manner, and there is a degree of relaxation. Especially in the second half, from Hong Zhongdu taking Han Gongzhu to his mother's birthday party, which caused dissatisfaction with the eldest brother, which revealed a unsolved case, and then the two had sex where they were in love, and then Hong Zhongdu was accused of rape and imprisoned because of this. The impetus of the whole plot is interlocked, and the climax is repeated. By the time Hong Zhongdu suddenly escaped from prison, just to saw off the tree branch that had always been terrified by Han Gongzhu because it was projected on the Oasen tapestry, the audience's emotions were also mobilized to the fullest climax.  
"Oasen" reflects the hypocritical side of Korean society through the love between a marginal person and a girl with cerebral palsy. The male protagonist uses the opportunity of the priest to pray and rushes out of the police station, as if to imply that the role of religion is not only limited in the real suffering, but sometimes it is counterproductive, and the Oasen of life can only be developed by human beings.  
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