Oasis movie plot

2022-07-09 23:30
Chung-do, who took the blame for his brother, was released from prison, but he had nothing to do. He couldn't adapt to social life, and even if he found a job, he died without a hitch. After he is released from prison, he goes to visit the family of the cleaner who was killed by the crash, and he meets the daughter of the deceased, Gong Soo, who suffers from severe cerebral palsy, and falls in love with her at first sight. The brother and sister-in-law, who originally lived with Gong-soo, occupied the disabled apartment and left her alone in the old house, leaving her to be taken care of by the neighbors. There is a tapestry called Oasen in Gong-soo's house, and the shadows of the branches that fall on it always frighten her. When Chung-doo was visiting Gong-soo, he raped Gong-soo on a whim. Later, Gong-soo called Chung-do, and they started dating like a couple, shopping, eating, and chatting. He helped her with housework and used "magic" to remove the shadows blocking the Oasen tapestry.
When Chung-do was intimate with Gong-soo, he was seen by Gong-soo's brother and sister-in-law who came back suddenly. They believed that Chung-doo was raping Gong-soo, so Chung-do was imprisoned again. Before being escorted by the police, he ran downstairs to Gong-soo and chopped off the branches that were blocking Oasen. 
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