Ondine movie plot

2022-03-27 08:01
In a quiet little fishing village in Ireland, Sheila Kuzis a simple, simple fisherman who makes a living by fishing and living his day-to-day life at sea. But one day, he suddenly found a beautiful and mysterious woman in the fishing net behind the tugboat. Although at first, he thought that the woman must be dead, but what surprised him was that just before he Under her eyelids, she opened her eyes and came alive, even making him think he must have hallucinated. But with the help of his frail but irresistibly charismatic daughter Annie, Sheila Kuz gradually begins to believe that, albeit unexpectedly, such things are possible. , and this woman may be the incarnation of "Ondine" Odan, a figure that exists only in mythology. Soon, Sheila Kuz and "Odan" fell into a crazy love, but just like the fact that we always uphold, only fairy tales have the so-called "happy, happy ending", and the real world often Turns out - after a horrific car accident, a dark and violent figure from "Oldan"'s past bursts into their lives, hungry for final victory, and a fresh start presents itself in In front of Sheila Kurtz, "Odan" and Annie   .
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  • Felicia 2022-03-27 09:01:23

    2010-08-11 read. The Irish reality version of the snail girl mermaid story is not a fairy tale, but a fairy tale. The audience does not believe and does not want to see bad fairy tales, but all the coincidences have to be explained with the help of fairy tales. When it seems that it is a fairy tale, the plot takes a sharp turn and returns to the ugly-looking reality, but the happy ending at the end suggests that this It's a fairy tale after all. The narrative is calm, the story choppy.

  • Elfrieda 2022-03-31 09:01:09

    Beautiful story, Sigur Rós singing is amazing. Happy Ending!

Ondine quotes

  • Priest: I don't like this at all.

  • Syracuse: She sings to the fishes and he catches them.

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