One Cut of the Dead behind the scenes gags

2022-04-06 08:01
  • For the 37-minute long shot at the beginning of the film, Director Ueda tried to shoot 6 times under the condition of several months of rehearsal, and 4 of them were successful. He used the version of the last shot in the final film   .
  • Ueda Shinichiro is a fan of horror films and zombie films. His favorite film is "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" in 1974, and he filmed "カメラをstop めるな!" ", he also specially gave the DVD of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" to the actor Akiyama Yuxi, so that she could refer to the way the heroine escaped and screamed in the film   .
  • Shinichiro Ueda's inspiration for writing the screenplay came from the troupe's PEACE stage play "GHOST IN THE BOX!" which he watched in 2013. ", Ueda once co-created the film with one of the screenwriters of the stage play, but this plan was interrupted. Since then, ENBU Seminar has pushed the film to restart production with Ueda as the center. After the film was released, the director of the stage play, Ryoichi Wada, stated that the copyright belonged to the troupe and asked to sign the "original work" in the film. Ueda believes that although the film is inspired by stage plays, the script, director and editing are all done by him, which is already a completely different work from stage plays. Therefore, although he signed the stage play director and screenwriter in the film, he did not sign the "original work", but only signed the "original case", that is, only the general framework of the stage play was used, and he believed that the copyright belonged to him   .
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  • Freda 2022-04-11 09:01:07

    Pleasant but disliked. If "Shadow" and "Zhang Yimou and His Shadow" are tied to one ticket and sold in a hall, the experience brought to the audience will not be much different from this film. Isn't the sensationalism law of "We work hard so we endure it", in a certain sense, isn't it also inciting the audience to transfer the interpretation power they should have to the crew that may not have a reason or even a real misery? I feel sorry for Shi Yun's "Insects in the World". In the same way, he did everything possible to avoid such sensationalism, but he did not expect the audience to be so voluntarily deceived by its tricks...

  • Cathy 2022-04-09 09:01:09

    I think it uses the script structure of "Don't Say Your Voice" (Confused Theatre), including the feature film of the first act and the behind-the-scenes scene of the last scene, changing the stage of the drama to a live one-shot, in fact, the essence is the same . In it, such as the director's intervention, alcoholic supporting roles and various emergencies are used, very cleverly catering to the grafting of the new era.

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