One Cut of the Dead movie plot

2022-04-06 08:01
A film crew is shooting a zombie movie somewhere in the ruins of a mountain. The director pursued the realistic scenes wholeheartedly, and the actors still failed to meet the requirements after 42 consecutive shots. Unexpectedly, a real zombie appeared at this time. Disregarding the lives of the rest of the crew, the director yelled at the camera not to stop and asked the heroine to make a bloody path.
——The above is the film made by the director Higaku. A month ago, he was asked to shoot a live zombie movie. Because it is going to be broadcast live, it must be shot to the end, which is really a huge challenge for this low-level director. From the investors to the staff, there is a "let by" attitude that pervades the crew. After the official start of filming, they encountered various unexpected situations, and the scene was chaotic, but because the camera could not be stopped, everyone could only play on the spot, and there were many jokes in the chaos. A "37-minute one-shot zombie escape drama" was made in this way   .
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