One Cut of the Dead evaluation action

2022-04-06 08:01
The film is brimming with love for cinematic excess. As a Nissan low-cost independent monster movie, it should be wildly sought after   .
In the third part of the film, all the foreshadowings have come to fruition, and the film is worthy of the praise of many audiences as "a great surprise". The troubles in the first two parts are unraveled one by one. A large number of bugs, "thunderpoints" and seemingly unrelated plots are all subtly linked together, and the burden is released quickly and finely, resulting in a strong "laughing fruit". And emotional climax, and the rigor of the play can also justify itself, becoming a paragraph that makes the film highly sublime and can be cried for   .
In a catastrophic shooting, the film shows the extremely contradictory charm of artistic creation. It describes the struggles of ordinary people in life, as well as those unforgettable moments of unity and warmth, and finally fortunately created a box office miracle in the cold winter of the film market. However, even without these box office miracles, all audiences can still see ideals, persistence and never giving up in the film. This inherited spirit of Japanese film creation, and even the tenacity of the nation, may be more important than box office success   .
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