Ong Bak 3 movie plot

2022-03-31 08:01
Tienloses his martial arts after being tortured in prison, but is reborn with the help of kind-hearted villagers, and his martial arts are greatly enhanced by the guidance of master Master Bua. Tienabsorbs the four abundant natural elements of wind, fire, water and earth from meditation, thereby transforming his body and mind, and practicing superb martial arts that he has never seen before. At the same time, the evil force on the other side is the monarch rajasena, who is carrying out a long-planned conspiracy to conquer the land that he is looking forward to., a death killer who professed "Devil Martial Arts" , and made him willing to be his assistant. This world is almost at your fingertips. He was mad, and when he learned that Tien had recovered his power, he killed all the people involved. Tien can only challenge it with composure. It is not advisable to take anger. Tien, who is full of blood, can conquer his will this time. The enemy who kills without mercy will use some stunts to approach Tien step by step. 
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Ong Bak 3 quotes

  • Tien: Now I understand your intentions in teaching me the art of dancing. Dancing is therapy for the body and mind. I owe you a debt of gratitude for changing my life.

    Master Bua: It's your mind that finally opened to change. Change the enemies into dancing partners. There are many things in the world that you have to learn. Greed. Wrath. Infatuation. Desires. Lust. And ignorance. Always be careful. These sins are the causes of suffering. They cause all living creatures to be stuck in the perpetual cycle of birth and death.

    Tien: How can I avoid these sins?

    Master Bua: Train. You need to train yourself to cleanse and purify your mind. The mind is the chief. The body is the servant. The consciousness is the controller. The mind comprehends. Be aware, then let go. Your mind will remain untarnished.

  • Bhuti Sangkha: Power should be possessed by those who deserve it.

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