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2022-10-16 22:21
Some people say that Martin Cassirer is a heinous criminal, some people say that he is a hero who robs the rich to help the poor, some people are bombed because he testifies against him in court, and some people are saved from the streets because of his help. The 80-year-old Irish godfather ended his legendary life on August 18, 1994: an Irish Republican gunman fired several shots at Martin at close range on his way home. Four years later, many British and Ireland's film company has produced film and television adaptations based on Martin's life, of which "Ordinary Decent Criminal" starring Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role Kevin Spacey is the most notable.
Kevin once played the image of a criminal who pretended to be a cripple and hid in "The Usual Suspects" , for which he won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor that year. This time, Kevin changed his wretched image and played a charismatic character.Head Mike Lynch . This godfather loves his two wives, children, his own family, and is happy to help those poor people, but he is lawless and openly confronts the law. The police, Interpol, and even other criminal gangs hate him to the core. And helpless. However, Mike's wrong decision gave police Noelle, who wanted to bring Mike to justice, a glimmer of hope. At this time, Mike also realized his predicament and came up with a countermeasure.
Kevin's acting skills in the film can be said to be unquestionable, and he is also very devoted to sacrificing his color and showing his hips (it is said that the third point is faintly revealed!) The performance is quite professional. His eyes should be the most successful part of his interpretation of the very criminal in the movie. Whether it is playing hard or dealing with the two wives beside him, it gives people a vivid and just right feeling.
The heroine Linda Filentino, who plays with Kevin, is also not an ordinary person. She has performed well in an alternative film "Dogma" that has attracted much attention. Linda has also appeared in "who's the hero" , "MIB" and many other blockbuster films. In the film, Mike's other wife, Helen Berksondale, starred in the popular American drama "Friends" . The second villain in the film is played by The Republic of Ghana Film Festival actor Peter Mullen.
Before the film began, director Sanders O'Sullivan, producer Jonathan Kevin Des, and screenwriter Gerald Stanbridge conducted an in-depth study of life in Ireland, so the film's performance Not just Martin's life, but a microcosm of local society.
The film was shot in Dublin, Ireland , where Martin lives. The director, Sanders, was quite satisfied with the local filming environment, because unlike in the United States, when a Hollywood star appeared, they would be surrounded by water, so there was no need to deliberately arrange it. Capture natural and authentic Dublin street scenes.
Although this is a film, there is a delicate, tender side to the film as the director tries to touch more on the family lives of the characters, which may explain why women make up a lot of the cast: all the assistants Except for the producers, the director, props team and production team are all women. Therefore, this film is different from the Hollywood production style, and has its humanized side. With the film's exotic countryside scenery and European street scenes, people can relive it again and again after the film is over.
"Ordinary Decent Criminal" adopts the strategy of releasing the film first in Europe. Since January this year, Germany, the United Kingdom and other countries have been shown one after another, but the United States will not be released until the end of the year. Instead, Kevin Spacey won the Academy Award for The new work after Best Actor in a Leading Role has received the light of many golden figures. Audiences who love him can see his various styles in the film, such as the long hair of the hippie era, the weird style of dressing up as a masked robber, and the old American man when he grabbed a famous painting, but the most eye-catching style should be It was he who wore a mask on his head, but took off his pants and showed his buttocks and bent over, making this bank robber become a stripper on the street, turning the audience over with laughter.
The film is based on a true story. Ireland godfather Martin Cassirer has always been the boss of people talking about. The godfather had mixed reputations throughout his life, some accused him of being lawless, and some praised him for robbing the rich to help the poor. On August 18, 1994, the all-powerful godfather was stabbed to death by an Irish Republican gunman. After Martin Cassirer's death, a number of British and Irish film companies have successively made related films about his life, and this film is one of them. Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role Kevin Spacey starred in this film, Kevin in the film will be handsome and charming, decisive and fierce, clear love and hatred of the boss image.
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  • Alec: [to hostages, flaunting his automatic weapon] Say hello to my little friend!

  • Christine Lynch: [to Michael] You know what you are? Wouldn't be everybody's cup of tea, but it suits me.

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