Ordinary Decent Criminal movie plot

2022-10-16 13:54
The film "Ordinary Decent Criminal" tells that Mike has two life beliefs, completely faithful to himself, and goes all out to achieve his goals. He is so successful in the practice of these two beliefs. can achieve the goal. So, he gradually stopped pursuing fame and fortune, but sought stimulation. The worst thing was that he started stealing paintings and committing crimes to increase the fun. So he provoked the police again and again, and the police regarded him as a thorn in their side. Mike prepared Playing bigger and embarking on an unprecedented plan to break through the layers of traps laid by the police, can he get his wish?
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Ordinary Decent Criminal quotes

  • Michael Lynch: His story's so stupid it's probably true.

  • Alec: [to hostages, flaunting his automatic weapon] Say hello to my little friend!

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