Ordinary Decent Criminal evaluation action

2022-10-16 13:41
England and Ireland must be scary places. A lot of movies are about how hard and how cold these places are. how bad the social welfare is, how the lower class is bullied, the poor can never get over. Seeing these heart-wrenching films, I wish there was a sudden explosion Tim Ding , smash those high up bad things. "Ordinary Decent Criminal" is a happy pill for such a sociopathic audience.
The anti-social hero in Ordinary Decent Criminal is just too cute, he has a symmetrical bald head, a sexy smile, and a lot of energy, dealing with two women at the same time. He was full of confidence in the court dock and showed his ass to reporters outside the courtroom. It is even more heroic to commit a crime. Robbing a bank or stealing a famous painting is simply a piece of cake. Even a person with high morals is likely to be infected by this romantic atmosphere and deeply intoxicated by it. He committed crimes because he was persecuted by society, and his modus operandi is so handsome, Goodfellas, how can he not be admired! But for " Goodfellas ", the film seems to pay too much attention to the extraordinary skills of the thief, while ignoring his other "dao".
The anti-social society behind the anti-society does not seem to think much in the film, and only uses a flashback to show the protagonist's persecution process. The big hero occasionally shouts some anti-social slogans, but they are only superficial impressions, and no deeper layers can be seen. The most important social mechanism that makes up the storyline is submerged in the police catching robbers, the police and the bandits, and the road chase. Aside from this layer, this film can indeed satisfy commercial movie audiences, with well-designed commercial effects that bring climax pleasure. But that's like watching another "stimulate" , so ordinary! Not enough to stimulate!
The movies in Kenlo District are all low-level characters, and it is rare to see high-ranking officials and police officers, but you can feel the state machine behind the scenes from the daily life of the characters; in "Ace Crime", a long list of The police chased the hero all the way and couldn't get rid of it. The process of the hero getting rid of the police is brilliant, but the symbolism of the police is invisible. In Kenlo District's films, the revolution never succeeded, leaving the audience with infinite contemplation; in "Ordinary Decent Criminal", the powerful people were swept away, but everyone forgot the setting of the story. The love of children in the big era.
So, "Ordinary Decent Criminal" is just a happy pill at best, let you shake your head for a refreshment, and satisfy your anti-social passion within two hours; after the refreshment, it is still the same, the heavy social burden in the Kenlo District movie, there is no This was relieved, and the director didn't seem to mean it anyway. 
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  • Michael Lynch: His story's so stupid it's probably true.

  • Alec: [to hostages, flaunting his automatic weapon] Say hello to my little friend!

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