Pillow Talk evaluation action

2022-03-12 08:01
"Repos du guerrier, Le" is a romantic farce that's funnier and more creative than most comedies. The film is not meant to be realistic, its colors, backgrounds and costumes, and the economic circumstances of its characters have a grandeur that never takes root, and the plot develops a farce. Still, it tries to strike the right balance between reality and non-reality, and focuses its jokes on making fun of human weaknesses rather than endorsing them   .
The film's score is excellent, with the sound staff using soft music to express Doris Day's upcoming confession, while the sound of gongs and drums represents Rock Hudson's deceitful character. The film uses a two-screen split effect in   , sometimes a three-screen split, so that the laughter in the phone sequence overlaps each other .
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  • Alisha 2022-03-26 09:01:14

    Movies from 50 years ago! The duet's little love song, full of dramatic charm.

  • Ona 2022-03-26 09:01:14

    It's better to get married and send someone else the queen of fertility.

Pillow Talk quotes

  • Brad Allen: I've had hangovers before, but this time, even my hair hurts.

  • Brad Allen: Why don't you take her over for the rest of the evening?

    Jonathan Forbes: Me?

    Brad Allen: Yeah! Take her dancing maybe. She's dying to learn how to dance.

    Jonathan Forbes: Wait wait. She doesn't know how to dance?

    Brad Allen: Well naturally, she doesn't get out of the house very often.

    Jonathan Forbes: What do you mean, "naturally"?

    Brad Allen: Jonathan, believe me, you and Moose - I mean Miss Taggett will get along...

    Jonathan Forbes: "Moose"?

    Brad Allen: So what the girl picks up a nickname? You know, how cruel kids can be. Especially, when some is a little different.

    Jonathan Forbes: Different? How Different?

    Brad Allen: Well... You know...

    [hesitatingly points to face]

    Brad Allen: ... , just different.

    Jonathan Forbes: [Pointing to a fat lady sitting at a table] That couldn't be her, could it?

    Brad Allen: How can you tell?

    [waves at the lady, who waves back]

    Brad Allen: See? She's so friendly. C'mon.

    Jonathan Forbes: Oh no! It's your muse. Happy Hunting!

    [Gets coat, and leaves]

    Brad Allen: Yes, indeed.

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