Piranha movie plot

2022-10-15 10:18
After "Jaws", another entertainment film with the theme of "fish cannibalism". The prologue of the film is quite similar to that of "Jaws". It also describes a young man and a woman swimming in a pool where piranhas are kept. They are suddenly attacked by a mysterious school of fish, and blood is pouring out. After that, the plot unfolds with the whereabouts of a "tracing expert" Ma Qi. Due to the flexibility of the use of the camera lens and the tight editing, many scenes of fish-eating people in the film are quite frightening, and there are several scenes and the blood is unbearable to witness. However, because the production scale of this film is small and the drama is not as strong as that of "Jaws", its appeal is naturally inferior to that of "Jaws". The arrangement of the plot is also a bit far-fetched, from which we can see the common problem of commercial films "seeking only the end, not the means".
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Piranha quotes

  • Dumont: People eat fish, Grogan. Fish don't eat people.

  • Reporter: Terror, horror, death. Film at eleven.

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