Possession background creation

2022-07-10 14:13
◆Remake of Korean movie
A few years ago, a Korean film called "POSSESSION" received good reviews after it was released, and the performances of the leading actors Lee Mi Yeon and Lee Byunghun were even more praised. Talking about why the remake of this movie, which is based on the story line of "returning the soul", is actually about emotional life, Joel Bergwall, director of "US version of POSSESSION", said: "I have seen some Korean movies before, and I feel that Korean The biggest highlight of the film is that they are very good at creating a warm and delicate atmosphere in the story, with the unique way of Asian people's emotional catharsis. I like the original story of "POSSESSION", he tells a story that makes people feel A strange love story with emotion, what happens when one person's body is filled with another person's soul? This is what interests me the most."
Another director of the film is Simon Sandquist , his opinion on the film is: "The thing that interests me most about this film is when a loved one leaves you and appears in front of you in another way, How would you face him? Do we like a person's appearance or his heart? The core of the film's discussion is also here. If you look at it separately from the film, the meaning of the film is actually universal. In our society, we also want to give the audience as much thought as possible when shooting. What we want to make is not only a thriller movie, but also not just a movie about emotions, we also want the audience to be in the There is so much more in this movie.”
◆Similarities and differences between the two versions
Referring to the adaptation of the US version, Joel Bergwall said: "We don't want to repeat the routine of the original version, in this case, if you have watched the original "POSSESSION", the audience will probably feel that there is nothing new, just a different batch Actors, change a scene, just do it again. So on the first day of shooting this scene, I will discuss with Simon, and the entire production team, how to make a new style of film. We finally discuss The result is that the breakthrough of this point lies in the heroine. The heroine is the link between the two male actors, and is also the most critical figure in the whole movie. We decided to make certain changes in the drama related to the heroine. Appropriate adjustments have also been made to the character of the film. Although the structure of the whole play is still roughly the same, I think after these changes, the film has become a little different. On the whole, the film is closer to the 'weird' atmosphere we want, This atmosphere brings many different places to the whole film from the original. We hope that the audience will bring themselves into it during the viewing process. Imagine if your body is someone else's, but your soul is in someone else's body. What will change, how will he face it, and if there are such people around you, what will you change, and how will you deal with it? Although this kind of thing is usually difficult to happen, we want the audience if It would be interesting to think about it like that.”
At the beginning of the film, there is a scene in which the male protagonist has an accidental car accident, and Joel Bergwall has a fresh memory of this scene: "This scene was shot for real, and because of the role of this plot, it belongs to a 'key' in the film. , he started the whole story, so Simon and I both wanted to make this scene. The weather was terrible, and we had to sprinkle a lot of dry ice on the set to create a foggy feeling, so at the beginning, the whole environment The results were not very good. We did not apply for a shooting permit for a long time, and we had to complete the shooting within the specified time. Although we had conducted several exercises in the studio before, we only found out after we actually arrived at the scene. The exercise was completely ineffective. There were many unexpected situations on the scene that we did not expect, such as how to control the traffic, how to communicate with the stunt performers, and how to let the cameraman capture the entire scene to our satisfaction. For these points, we waste It took a lot of time, but everyone was quite satisfied with the final result.”
◆The actor's role status
The American actor Sassy , ​​who plays the heroine Jessica , has already performed well in remakes such as "The Grudge in America". For this role, she said: "I read this story a long time ago, it was a certain There is a report in the news that there was a car accident in a foreign country, and a person who was rescued after the accident spoke a language that did not belong to their country at all, and he could not learn it at all. The doctor said who he was, but when others found the place according to what he said, they found that the person he said died a long time ago. The original author of this movie is probably based on this foundation. , This story has become quite wonderful after his writing. I admire the actress in the original work very much, she acts very well, and when I watch the original work, I also hope that when I am performing, I can achieve her kind state."
Sassy said: "He plays the role of my husband in the film, but looks like my husband's brother, this role reminds me of Nicolas Kim Coppola in Face Change . I don't know if he thought of that character when he was shooting, but he played it really interesting because he was actually playing two people, and the characters he played before and after in this movie are very different In comparison, Michael Landes is much more relaxed, most of the time he just needs to lie on the hospital bed with his eyes closed, and a few times I even wondered if he was really asleep (laughs) There is a scene in the film where three people are eating at home, and that scene is very rare, and the three of us all sit together, because in the whole film, it is very difficult for me to have the opportunity to see them at the same time."
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