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2022-07-10 23:33
Although Michael Landes is also a gentle and gentle type, in comparison, it is difficult to reach LeePace's slightly wrinkled and tearful eyes. Putting on ordinary shirts and sweaters, he is a first-class hero in a living love movie. It's a pity .I haven't had a chance to play yet, even in this Possession, although I'm enjoying it with a feeling of watching a romantic movie, the discordant ending destroyed all the previous feelings and deep meanings. Let's put aside our stereotypes and see that even though Jess found out the truth, she was moved by Roman (LeePace), dragged down by reality, compromised with the BB in her stomach and a better life in the future, no matter what, she decided to pretend it was okay, and then Two people live happily together, then give a close-up of a family of three, then give Ryan's status quo (still lying in a hospital bed), and then let the audience sigh and then laugh with relief, how wonderful. Poor Roman, was stabbed to death. In fact, he has the ability to become a "good person" in the eyes of the world. He can give happiness to his loved ones, but only if the loved ones have confidence in him, believe in him, Depends on him, so when Jess finds out saying "Just the thought of you touching me makes me makes mesick", he instantly destroys his "beagoodman" power   .
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Possession quotes

  • Jessica: [trailer] He knows things about me. Things he couldn't possibly know. You really beleive that a soul could leave its body?

  • Hypnotist: Relax. You hear nothing, but the sound of my voice. When your heart slows down, so will your thoughts. 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Who are you?

    Roman: Ryan

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