Possession movie plot

2022-07-10 13:09
A traffic accident happened in the foggy morning, two cars collided on the bridge, and the drivers in the cars were both unconscious. A woman named Jessica ( Sassy ) had an extraordinary relationship with them. relationship, because two injured, one is his husband, the other is his husband's younger brother.
Jessica rushed to the hospital in a panic, and was told by the doctor that both of them were in bad condition. Although they were rescued from danger, they were in danger of becoming a vegetative state forever. Although Jessica was distraught, she had to accept this cruel reality. Luckily, her husband's younger brother Rayman ( Lee Pace ) finally wakes up after a few months, giving Jessica a glimmer of hope that her husband, Ryan ( Michael Landes ), is recovering as well. But a bigger blow followed: Reman even told Jessica that he was her husband, Ryan.
Faced with this ironic fact, Jessica thought it was the aftermath of Reman's injury at first, so she kept explaining and helping him return to reality, but Reman not only failed to wake up as she wished, but on the contrary Tells Jessica a lot of things that only husband Ryan knows. Jessica couldn't accept this almost absurd thing, but she had to admit that many of what Reman said were indeed known only to Ryan. Facing Rayman, Jessica didn't know how to solve this problem, and at this time, Ryan seemed to have signs of recovery. 
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Possession quotes

  • Hypnotist: Relax. You hear nothing, but the sound of my voice. When your heart slows down, so will your thoughts. 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Who are you?

    Roman: Ryan

  • Jessica: [Jessica wants Ryan's brother Roman out of her house] When are we getting our house back?

    Ryan: Everybody is always giving Roman a raw deal. He's my brother, I'm not going to do that.

    Jessica: I know you don't see it, but he scares me.

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