Prince Avalanche evaluation action

2022-04-02 08:01
"Prince Avalanche" can be regarded as an unusual road film. The film is full of laughs, and there are no laughing bridges, but there are small humor in ambush. David Gordon Green, with his understanding and performance of comedy, uses The brisk tone shows the audience a little joy, a little helplessness and a little strength on a short road in life. (   )
"Prince Avalanche" has a unique style, the picture is full of fairy tale brilliance, and the plot is quite humorous ()   .
"Prince Avalanche" is a comedy film that strips the characters down to just four actors. The protagonists Paul Rudd and Hirschy played important acting talents in the whole film. The director deliberately downplayed the plot, and only supported the excitement of the whole film through the dialogue and actions of the two leading actors (   ).
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  • Roslyn 2022-04-04 09:01:08

    People who can enjoy loneliness, no matter what, are the winners in life. Beautiful photography, mixed with the sadness of the fire, and the expectations for the future, simple and beautiful. The passage of meeting the old lady of the pilot is very beautiful, indulging in her own fantasy and dialogue, I am afraid that only people who understand the benefits of loneliness can understand the beauty of it.

  • Demarco 2022-04-02 09:01:17

    A very interesting piece of literature and art: two lonely men doing a dull, boring "public service" job, one immature, one pretending to be mature, and in the forest, they went crazy.

Prince Avalanche quotes

  • Lance: I get so horny in nature...

  • Lance: Lemme ask you question. Does it, like... Feel different having sex with a woman that's had a baby?

    Alvin: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

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