Resurrection movie plot

2022-10-21 20:34
A bizarre bloody incident occurred in Chicago . The dismembered victim lay in a pool of blood, his right arm was cut off, and the murderer left the words "He is coming" on the window with blood. Detective John and his partner take over the investigation into the horrific murder, while the number of victims continues to grow. and was similarly slaughtered and dismembered. Based on various evidences on the victim, John believed that the murder motive of the murderer involved was closely related to the revelation in the Bible—the murderer planned to use the stump of the deceased to build a statue of Christ in order to carry out his plan of atonement for resurrection and rebirth. The visual effects are undoubtedly one of the most successful parts of the film. The swelling and decay of the corpse, the squirming of parasites, and the bloody stumps all tried to render the film's violence and blood. When the film portrays these scenes, it does not deliberately avoid it, but tries its best to express it. From the right hand, left hand, head, to the capture of the right foot, left foot, and body, it is not a one-off process. Basically, the acquisition of each residual limb has a different performance, which has a different visual impact on the audience. Moreover, floating and deformed picture effects are used in several scenes, which makes people feel an inexplicable sense of depression.
John Pruhome left home for work after kissing his wife goodbye. It's a cold, gray morning in Chicago. There are police cars clustered outside the Belk Building, a typical crime scene scene. Pruhome's colleague, Detective Andrew Harlingsworth, was talking to Detectives Roche and Sheffield. There had only been a horrific murder that had occurred before, in which the victim lay in a large pool of blood and had his arm amputated from the shoulder. On the window there are footprints written in blood: here he comes.   .
The murderer in this film is a dismemberment maniac who likes to dismember the human body alive; he is a religious maniac psychopath who kills to sacrifice to God, so he takes the disintegrated human body home and assembles the image of the crucifixion of Jesus; The cunning and insidious, playing games with the police openly, posing as FBI officers to communicate face-to-face with the officers in charge of their own cases, and directly attacking the officers who pursued them and their families   .
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Resurrection quotes

  • [last lines]

    Det. Andrew Hollinsworth: Listen, seriously... If this is gonna work for real, you gotta gimme a chance, alright? You gotta gimme a chance to come back. I'll be good as new. But you gotta gimme a chance. You may have to pickup a fair share at the legwork. But I will be back.

    John Prudhomme: Whatever you say, partner.

  • Det. Andrew Hollinsworth: Hey, how does a blonde turn on the lights after sex? She opens the car door.

    [John ignores him]

    Det. Andrew Hollinsworth: I don't know why I'm wasting my good jokes on you.

    John Prudhomme: I don't know either.

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