Ring of the Nibelungs movie plot

2022-04-08 08:01
Based on the German folk poetry "The Song of Nibelungen" and the Nordic "The Legend of Walsunger". Young blacksmith Siegfried falls in love with Iceland's Queen Brenhill after a meteorite fall. Afterwards, he killed the evil dragon Fafna and bathed himself in dragon blood to make himself invulnerable. However, there was a leaf-covered area on his back that was not stained with dragon blood, which became his weakness. After slaying the dragon, he got a magical shape-shifting helmet that transformed him into the person in front of him after wearing it and saying a spell. He was appreciated by the king of Burgundy for killing dragons, and the king decided to marry his sister to him. But he said he had a heart for it. In order to keep the treasure guarded by the dragon within his control, and because his sister had fallen in love with him, he added a potion to Siegfried's wine, making him forget his love, Turned to fall in love with the princess. He added the most important piece of the dragon's treasure: The Sword of Xanten gave the princess. The king took the opportunity to ask him to help him track down the Queen of Iceland, Brenhill. Because Brenhill was only defeated by Siegfried alone, she demanded that all who pursued her must compete with her, and the winner could marry her. Siegfried used that helmet to disguise himself as a king and defeated Brenhill. Broken Hill was heartbroken by Siegfried's "betrayal" and forced to marry the King of Burgundy. At the same time Siegfried married the king's sister on the same day. But the king was unable to take possession of Brenhill, so he again asked Siegfried to help him. Siegfried disguised himself as the king and unloaded the source of Berlenshire's power - her belt, enabling the king to succeed. But Siegfried left the room in the middle of the night and was found by the princess, who forced Siegfried to tell the truth, and told Brenhill the next morning in front of the people of Burgundy. Burrenhill and the King are riddled with scandal. Brenhill asked the king to kill Siegfried, but the king, knowing Siegfried's weakness, was reluctant to do it. The king's half-brother, Hagen (the son of an outcast dwarf wizard), managed to instigate the king to assassinate Siegfried on the next day's hunt and pretend it was an accident. The next day, Siegfried and the king went hunting, when the princess could not bear the torment in her heart and told Burrenhill the truth. Burren Hill understood that it was not Siegfried who betrayed him. She is remorseful and tries to find Siegfried, but he is stabbed to death by Hagen. At the funeral, the princess discarded the tragic ring, and the king and Hagen scrambled for it. Hagen stabbed the king during the fight. That's when Burren Hill appears, puts her belt back on, and kills Hagen to avenge Siegfried. Siegfried's body was floated into the water in a boat and set on fire. At this time, Burren Hill appeared on the boat, killed himself with the sword, and died with Siegfried.
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Ring of the Nibelungs quotes

  • Eric: I don't like Saxons.

    Eyvind: I do... once in a while.

    Eric: Yeah, for sword practice.

  • Brunnhild: Perhaps I should pray that I too will remember our love so little, because I will never know joy again until I forget, or you remember.

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