The Trouble with Terkel movie plot

2022-04-08 08:01
The 11-year-old Tucker is a student of Primary Six, and his classmate Jason is a good friend of Chao Maji, but the bad classmates in the class, Suit Head and Hei Xing, look at him very unhappy. In order to divert their attention, the timid Tucker began to play tricks on his dinosaur sister Dorothy, who had been secretly in love with him in the class. Unexpectedly, the sad Dorothy jumped off the building in a fit of rage. Since the dinosaur girl jumped off the building and committed suicide, Tucker began to receive a series of threatening letters "You are dead!", and he continued to have nightmares at night, and some people threw bricks and smashed the glass window of his room in the middle of the night. Tucker then suspects that someone is secretly trying to kill him, but is this person his old enemies Suit Head and Black Fiend? Or his buddy Jason? . When the new biology substitute teacher Justin took the whole class to camp, Tucker really received a life-threatening text message from his friend Jason at midnight, so he panicked and ran to the teacher Justin for help. . I didn't expect the truly terrifying accident to begin now. 
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  • Tristin 2022-04-09 09:01:09

    Ade is the protagonist (English version)... There are not many lines, but there is a long rap... In fact, as a bully-themed film, this is quite small and fresh, a little violent entertainment... It seems that someone asked in an interview. Has Ade ever been bullied or been bullied? He answered both, and added a superfluous sentence. I thought everyone was like this... It makes me feel like I'm not joking... (Obviously the good boy rik didn't!

  • Nicola 2022-04-08 09:01:13

    "No, no, no, no, no", "Is it okay?" "OK", "K" ah ha ha ha

The Trouble with Terkel quotes

  • Terkel's Mum: Torkel, you're not on the ramp are you?

    Terkel: No, mum, I...

    Terkel's Mum: Well if you are then come home this instant! You know wet wood spreads SARS!

  • Stewart: Surpise motherfucker!

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