The Girl King movie plot

2022-03-05 08:01
In Sweden in 1632, King Gustav II died in battle, and Christina Augusta, who was only 6 years old, took the throne and was sworn to be "king" rather than "queen" when she ascended the throne. Since birth, Christina Augusta has been trained as a "prince" by the Prime Minister of the Empire as an only child according to her father's wishes. Christina Augusta has been very talented since she was a child. She is a superb equestrian and has learned fencing and shooting. , and she is fluent in Greek, Latin and French.
In 1644, when Christina Augustareally took power at the age of 18, she ceased to be a puppet and immediately began to fortify her will, Drottning Kristina's pursuit of socially progressive policies changed from subverting her obsession with men's clothing. Her hobby waited until all traditional etiquette began, and while her father had greatly expanded the Swedish Empire by participating in the thirty-year war between Protestant and Catholic countries in Europe, and she advocated peace, she was at the same time satisfying her interest in other cultural, artistic and intellectual treasures. Use military force when greedy.
Drottning Kristina develops a relationship with her maid, the beautiful Countess Elba Spare, who is very passionate about Drottning Kristina, even before Drottning Kristina appoints her to officially share the bed , their relationship has been suspected by the outside world, when Drottning Kristina invited French philosopher Descartesto Sweden as a personal consultant and mentor to solve problems. Drottning Kristina has refused to marry, despite numerous proposals from foreign royals, rejecting proposals from immediate candidates such as Oxensema's son and well-respected cousin   .
During the reign of Drottning Kristina (1626-1689) not only entered the annals of history through his decisive role in the negotiation of the settlement of the Thirty Years' War, but he also led the Swedish Empire to cultural prosperity, and further rejected any politically motivated marriage, with famous Like Queen Elizabeth I, Drottning Kristina earned her the nickname "The Virgin Queen"   .
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  • Alexzander 2022-03-15 09:01:11

    After losing her lover and close friend, Christina decided to abdicate and went to the Vatican to pursue her faith and truth. Once upon a time, she was supposed to grow up like a man, but she became a queen. All the men stared at her, delusionally thinking that she would get married and succumb at the feet of men. But, she slowly discovers her feminine feelings, and most importantly, Christina discovers that she deserves to be a free person. Full of four stars for art, scenery, and the female protagonist with a flirtatious magnetic voice.

  • Durward 2022-03-16 09:01:09

    The countess doesn't love the queen at all, she is just a vulgar woman who is content with "ordinary happiness", and the scene at the end with her husband and children in bed with her family is simply blasphemy, low-level

The Girl King quotes

  • Queen Kristina: [eating hunter's stew] By the rusty nails of Christ's cross, this is delicious!

  • Queen Kristina: Et voilà! The humanists are here by the door. the stoics by the windows and the library of the humanist Grotius will arrive soon. Can you imagine? Forty-eight cartloads of books!

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