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2021-11-13 08:01
The plan for this movie was first proposed by Frank Capra in 1949, and he hoped to star Gary Grant and Elizabeth Taylor. The screenwriter of the film, Dalton Trombeau, was blacklisted by the Committee on Non-American Activities in the U.S. House of Representatives, and production was repeatedly blocked.
William Wheeler just finished the serious "Heiress" and "Detective Story" and wanted to try a romantic comedy, so he took the film. Paramount initially decided to shoot in the Hollywood studio, but William Wheeler insisted on going to Rome to shoot on site, and the producer compromised.
Since the cost of the film is controlled below 1 million US dollars, it means that the heroine can only use low-paid newcomers. At that time, the fledgling Hepburn received an audition call and came here with a perfunctory mood. The most legendary audition in history.
The crew encountered the scorching heat that Rome hadn't experienced in many years, and the oil on the faces of the actors would melt so hot that they had to pretend to be cool and comfortable in front of the camera. When saying goodbye to Joe, the young Hepburn couldn't shed tears. Eventually, the director got angry and complained about wasting the film, and she cried immediately.
On August 20, 1953, "Roman Holiday" premiered in London, followed by the Venice Film Festival, and finally achieved great success all over the world. 
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    Simple style, not many plot conflicts, but it makes people feel more and more quiet and clean

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    Not bad, but it won't make people want to die, right?

Roman Holiday quotes

  • Joe Bradley: You should always wear my clothes.

    Princess Ann: It seems I do.

  • [On whether to do an exploitation article about Princess Ann]

    Irving Radovich: She's fair game, Joe. It's always open season on princesses.

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