Roman Holiday movie plot

2021-11-13 08:01
Princess Anne, as the heir to the throne, will visit major cities in Europe. As soon as the news came out, it caused a great sensation. The last stop of Princess Anne’s European tour was Rome. Princess Anne wanted to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Rome to her fullest, but the attendants refused because they were noble princesses and were not suitable for showing up in front of the people of the Li people, and injected her. sedative. The princess pretended to be asleep before the onset of the drug's effects, and after the attendants went out, she sneaked out through the window. However, it didn't take long for the sedative to take effect, and the princess fell asleep on a bench by the fountain near the square.
At the same time, poor reporter Joe Bradley of the US News Agency happened to pass by here. Joe had just returned from playing cards from a friend. He thought that this was a girl who was drunk in a carnival, so he rented a taxi and wanted to take her. send home. But the princess slept so hard that she couldn't wake up. In desperation, Joe had to take her back to her residence and was dissatisfied with her sleeping in her own bed, so she put Princess Anne on the sofa.
The next day, a special announcement in the newspaper made Joe realize that the girl he brought back was Princess Anne, so he was ecstatic and planned to write an exclusive report on the inside story of the princess. After the princess woke up, she found a stranger Joe, and Joe quickly explained that the princess was relieved. She borrowed some money from Joe, then said goodbye to him, and wandered on the Roma Street again.
Joe hurriedly called his photographer friend Owen to get him ready. At the same time, he followed the princess and pretended to meet her in the Plaza de España. He volunteered to be a tour guide for the princess and took her on a motorcycle tour of Rome. At the same time, Owen also drove a car behind them and took the photo. Many precious lenses. However, the princess was unaware of all this. The disappearance of the princess caused panic among the officials and attendants. The king secretly sent many plainclothes to look for the whereabouts of the princess. The plainclothes found them when Joe led the princess to the water ballroom for the ball. They asked the princess to go back with them, but the princess refused. The plainclothes would forcibly kidnap her back. Joe and Owen fought with them, and they were self-willed and mischievous. The princess also fought and was very happy. Taking advantage of the chaos, Joe flees with the princess, but the plainclothes are captured by the local police.
One day later, the princess was finally returning to the palace, but at this time she and Joe found that they had sparked love between each other and fell in love. After all, the princess is a princess, and the common people are the common people after all, and the two can only say goodbye to each other. After Joe's friend Owen shook hands with the princess, he determined to abandon the opportunity of success and gave the princess the picture as a souvenir. Finally, in the affectionate look at each other, the princess gently said goodbye to Joe. 
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  • Jalyn 2022-03-22 09:01:34

    Audrey Hepburn is so beautiful! This is a beautiful love story!

  • Cory 2022-04-24 07:01:05

    Love is what "Anya" wants, and responsibility is what "Princess" wants. You can't have both, give up love and take responsibility! Therefore, I fell in love with the perfect love movie "Roman Holiday"!

Roman Holiday quotes

  • Joe Bradley: [after swimming ashore] All right?

    Princess Ann: Fine. How are you?

    Joe Bradley: Oh, fine!

    [they laugh]

    Joe Bradley: Say, you know, you were great back there.

    Princess Ann: You weren't so bad yourself.

    Joe Bradley: [kisses her] Well... I guess we'd better get Irving's car and get out of here.

  • Joe Bradley: Irving! Am I glad to see you!

    Irving Radovich: Why? Did you forget your wallet?

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