Royal Pains movie plot

2022-10-17 19:24
For several months, he was boycotted by the New York medical community and could not find a job. In desperation, Hank had to give himself a holiday, and at this moment, Hank's younger brother, Evan (Paulo Costanzo) appeared.
Van couldn't stand Hank's self-pity, and he dragged his brother to Hampton, Virginia, to relax. On the beach, Hank stumbles into a party at a mansion. A guest suddenly fell ill and fell to the ground foaming at the mouth, and everyone present was overwhelmed with fright. Hank came to the rescue decisively and saved a life.
Early the next morning, someone from another mansion called and invited him to come and diagnose another patient.then the third day, then the
On the fourth day. Accidentally, Hank became the "master doctor" in the town. Hank is reviving his career, but joining a private medical facility and rushing to the homes of the notoriously rich and famous to practice medicine is not the way he expected.
At the urging of his younger brother Evan (Paulo Costanzo), Hank reluctantly agrees to stay in the summer as a temporary". An ambitious woman approached Hank and volunteered to be his surgical assistant. Living among the rich with dirty hands, Hank was walking on thin ice. He is not worried that his medical skills will cause trouble again, but is worried about whether he can continue to clean himself and get out of the mud without being stained?
Every celebrity home in the Hamptons has a "gatekeeper" lawyer who is always ready to serve the master. Now they have a new gadget - the janitor.
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Royal Pains quotes

  • [opening montage]

    Dr. Hank Lawson: [voiceover] I'm Hank. I was your typical emergency room doctor... till I got fired.

    Hospital Administrator: You let a billionaire hospital trustee die to save some kid off the street.

    Dr. Hank Lawson: I made a judgment call.

    Hospital Administrator: You made a mistake.

    Dr. Hank Lawson: [voiceover] This is my brother.

    Evan R. Lawson: I'm Evan R. Lawson, C.P.A.

    Dr. Hank Lawson: [voiceover] He took me away from my troubles and to the Hamptons, and suddenly I had a chance to become a whole new kind of doctor. It turns out the wealthy and not-so-wealthy out here could use a guy who makes house calls, so I got a second chance to do what I do best.

  • Divya Katdare: ["Characters Welcome" crossover ad with "Burn Notice": Divya is diagnosing Sam Axe in a bar] It could be excessive blood loss or hypoglycemia. Are you on a diuretic?

    Sam Axe: No.

    Divya Katdare: Perhaps it's even psychogenic polydipsia.

    Sam Axe: Oh?

    Divya Katdare: Any one of those could be causing your excessive thirst.

    Waiter: [gives Sam a beer bottle] Here you go, sir.

    Sam Axe: Thank you.

    [he takes a drink from it]

    Sam Axe: Hey! What do you know? It's gone! It's like a miracle cure!

    Divya Katdare: Miraculous.

    Sam Axe: Doesn't mean it's stopped. Sammy's very sick.

    Divya Katdare: Is this how you usually pick up women?

    Sam Axe: No, usually I just get 'em drunk. Waiter!

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