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2022-04-05 08:01
Synopsis for the first season of Salvation
CBS's new 13-episode summer drama "Salvation" will premiere on July 12, US time. The show is directed by Alex Kurtzman, written by Liz Kruger and Craig Shapiro, and Oscar-nominated Juan Carlos Fresnadillo will direct the first episode.
"Salvation" tells the story of Liam, an MIT graduate student, and Darius Tanz, a tech star, who make a shocking discovery for Grace, a low-privileged Pentagon employee: an asteroid is only six months away from hitting Earth. So Liam and Darius have to take charge of a secret plan to save the world, and Liam has to keep it a secret from those he loves.
Charlie Rowe as Liam, Santiago Cabrera as Darius Tanz, and Jennifer Finnigan as Grace Darrow, a Pentagon press secretary and single mother, who is a well-balanced woman who feels the world has been turned upside down knowing that an asteroid is about to hit Earth ;Grace joins the government's secret plan to save humanity, but she has to keep it a secret until she loves it, and she has to face unimagined trials.
Jacqueline Byers plays Jillian, an aspiring science fiction writer who is recruited by Darius on a "theoretical project" to save humanity, one that may eventually come to fruition. Ian Anthony plays Deputy Secretary of Defense Harris Anders, a full Washington (political) man assigned to a secret plan to save the world. Harris is a man dedicated to serving his country, but as he leads the project, he finds himself battered by the choice between command and conscience.
Shazi Raja as Amanda Charles, a junior reporter for a DC tabloid news site who wants to cover a big story so she can become an investigative reporter, but discovers that the story will cause global panic; Rachel Drance as Zoe, graduating soon A high school student, she's always been a success in the past, doing everything in the "right" direction, but she didn't expect to discover a life-changing secret and take the risk.
Dennis Boutsikaris as Malcolm Croft, Ph.D., Liam's professor and mentor at MIT. When Liam came to his house in the middle of the night because of a sudden discovery, Malcolm was at first dismissive, but after studying Liam's discovery further, he understood that this young genius had uncovered a major event that could change human history.and already imminent. Aaron Poole plays Lazlo, Darius' childhood friend who has a long and complicated history with Darius, but who remains Darius' trusted security executive and troubleshooter. Erica Luttrell plays multi-episode Claire Rayburn, a senior adviser to the president who works closely with Deputy Secretary of Defense Harris Anders on a secret plan for salvation.
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  • Russ 2022-04-09 09:01:08

    The story concept is not bad, and the completion is also very good. The whole story is wonderful and reasonable. Must follow the second season...

  • Cristian 2022-04-08 09:01:13

    In the fifth episode, the plot suddenly collapsed. After thinking about it, it is generally because the drama party wants to introduce new clues and extend the episode, which is not suitable for the theme. It may be great if it ends in 8 episodes. The male protagonist's mustache is a typical type with high appearance but the overall temperament is reduced, and other actors are more or less bad. It's a pity.

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