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2022-07-19 18:25
"Sameblod" tells a terribly underwhelming story, but it reflects a generalized anxiety. The film has a lot of cool and cold natural scenery and sparse dialogues. It is not as dull as an anthropological documentary as one might expect, and it is by no means as curious as it is from a top-down perspective. It's a film made of eyes, gestures, details, and so on. What's great about this film is that it doesn't just present phenomena, but always looks at a kind of confusion and dilemma. The different choices of the protagonist and her sister in the film lead to many questions, such as whether trying to integrate into a more modern civilization is a cultural betrayal or "progress", whether people born in a unique civilization have the right to choose a new way of life, and so on. This story is not just about "right" in the narrow sense, but about a larger "destiny"  .
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  • Elle Marja: [to Njenna] Don't yoik at school...

  • Elle Marja: To become a teacher... What do you have to know?

    Lärarinnan: Well... You have to know everything.

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