Sami Blood movie plot

2022-07-19 15:40
The Nordic region is populated by a group of aboriginal people called "Sami people" who have their own culture and living habits. In the 1920s and 1930s, Sweden attempted to assimilate this game herdsman. The Sami cannot use their own language at school and must speak Swedish, but after a brief education they still return to their tents in the mountains and continue to hang out with the reindeer, as Swedish anthropologists stubbornly consider the Sami inferior. 14-year-old Sami girl Ella Maya started dreaming of another life and wanted to leave the highlands after being educated in a boarding school. However, her behavior of embracing her new life was despised by girls of her own race and could not be accepted by the Swedes without obstacles. Years later, she changed her name to Christina, became a teacher, and settled in the city. She returned to her hometown to attend her sister's funeral and recalled her childhood again.  .
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Sami Blood quotes

  • Elle Marja: [to Njenna] Don't yoik at school...

  • Elle Marja: To become a teacher... What do you have to know?

    Lärarinnan: Well... You have to know everything.

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