Soul Eater movie plot

2022-06-28 16:45
The stage is the death weapon professional school, commonly known as "death martial arts".
The story is based on the "Scythe Man" Maha and the "Magic Scythe" SOUL EATER as the main line, and the other protagonists are divided into three groups in total. They are the hidden weapon craftsman - BLACK☆STAR, the magic hidden weapon - Zhongwu Chun, and the son of death, DEATH. THE. KID, the magic gun - the Thompson sisters.
This school aims to train and cultivate "professionals" and "weapons", and "professionals" and "weapons" need to form a group of actions. The ultimate goal is to collect 99 eggs of ghosts and gods and the soul of 1 witch, so that the "weapon" can become the "Death Scythe" dedicated to Lord Death.
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