Storage 24 movie plot

2022-07-16 16:31
version one
Accompanied by a friend, a pair of expiring couples went to the storage warehouse to pack their personal belongings . Trapped in a closed room! It turned out that a highly classified military plane crashed nearby, and the alien creatures on the plane fell into the building. They can only suspend emotional disputes, collect materials on the spot in the storage warehouse, and join hands to deal with the hunting and killing of ferocious aliens.
A military transport plane has crashed over London, with its highly classified items scattered around the city. Two couples, unaware that they have been locked up by an institution in London, came to Storage Room 24, hoping to share a small fortune. Suddenly the power goes out, they are trapped in a dark maze of endless corridors, and a mysterious hunter is preparing to kill them one by one.
Version 2
One day without warning, a military transport plane crashed near Hyde Park in central London, England . The accident caused a lot of confusion in London, and no one could have imagined how the top military secrets it carried would cause harm to the locals. On the other side of the city, people don't seem to care much about the cause and effect of the accident. An angry Charlie (Noel Clarke) and his friend Mark ( Colin Arthur O'Donoghue Colin O'Donoghue) are driving to Warehouse 24 to find his girlfriend Shirley. (Antonia Campbell-Hughes), after Charlie and Shirley part on bad terms , emotional stalemate. While they were arguing over theories face to face, the power in the warehouse was suddenly cut off and everyone was trapped in this dark contract.
What makes them even more unbelievable is that some mysterious and terrifying creature is always ready to take the lives of these people.
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