Strike! movie plot

2022-10-25 18:15
Otty Sinclair (Gaby Hoffmann) from Detroit is a troubled teenage girl who was almost sent to a cell. Before entering the "girls high school" in the east, she originally thought that the girls' school would be very restrictive and boring. " ravioli " everything changed completely. Not only did Otty get along with these girls, but she also formed the "DAR Dumpling Alliance" because of her love of tortellini.
The headquarters of the "DAR Dumpling Alliance" is in a secret attic. They are always eating tortellini while planning how to fix their lecherous French teacher and sharing their dreams: Momo wants to be a Biologists and Tracy wants to be Psychologist , Verina hopes to start a magazine of her own, Tinka hopes to develop into the entertainment industry, and Otti hopes to be with her boyfriend as soon as possible so that she can break away from the ranks of virgins. What these girls have in common is that they are unwilling to be only wives and mothers, and will be slaves to the family for life, so they vow to support each other and fulfill each other's wishes.
One night, Tracy overheard a conversation between the principal and the board of directors, and learned that the girls' high school must merge with St. Amber Boys' High School in order to survive the financial difficulties. The girls decided to strongly block the plan. , they plan to create a great upheaval when the boys' school choir visits, so that adults can witness the chaos that will happen after the coeducational school, will they succeed   ?
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Strike! quotes

  • [Verena arrives late to class]

    Frank Dewey: Verena, why are you so late? You've missed an entire period.

    Verena Von Stefan: [gasps] You mean I'm pregnant?

  • Odette: I did NOT say you could use my record player.

    Tinka Parker: Welcome. I'm Tinka Parker, and this is Verena Von Stefan.

    Verena Von Stefan: Art thou per chance, Odette?

    Odette: Odie.

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