Tamara Drewe No Movie Without Actors

2022-03-30 08:01
The difference between director Stephen and other directors is that it is still unknown whether to accept the film until the actors are selected, and the most important actor in the film is the leading actress Tamara. Producer Ellison Owen believes that Tamara must be super sexy, smart, but a little confused; good at laughing and cursing, but also able to win the sympathy of the audience, hoping that she can finally spend time with a man who is worthy of her. lifetime. Ellison said, "Gemma Arterton seems to have all these qualities in one. Without Gemma, Stephen would not have made the film." Stephen Frears said that when he first met Gemma, he thought of it. The heroine of the comic, because she is so perfect and has a natural feeling, "She is so incredible, gentle and funny, I think I can watch her for 90 minutes."
As for the role of Nicholas, Roger Allam can be called a "default" candidate. Producer Allison Owen said that from the beginning, director Stephen thought it would be too unreasonable and legal to make the film if Roger Allam didn't play Nicholas. Director Stephen and Roger Allam have worked together on The Queen before, and Stephen has high praise for Roger, "He's amazing, in a way, he's the baron. He's like a stage. The villain full of villains in the play. Such a good actor, but rarely has the opportunity to appear in the movie. Roger, Gemma, and then Tamsin Gregg, with these three people , that made me decide to make this film."
Actor Tamsin Gregg is actually quite different from Beth in the comics, but the director believes that the movie needs an actor like her, who is witty and sympathetic, and Tamsing has such talent and ability, Although her appearance doesn't match the manga.
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Tamara Drewe quotes

  • Glen McCreavy: Wow, this is a great old house.

    Tamara Drewe: Thanks. Do you want to buy it?

    Glen McCreavy: I'm not the property owning type. No, I prefer my life to fit in hand luggage.

  • Andy Cobb: That why you're home, to flog it?

    Tamara Drewe: Yep.

    Andy Cobb: Make a nice second home for some banker wankers.

    Tamara Drewe: Look Andy, if you want it, why don't you just make me an offer?

    Andy Cobb: Because, sadly, I'm still prey to the economic forces that threw the peasant classes off the land.

    Tamara Drewe: Unlucky.

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