The Ballad of Buster Scruggs Early publicity

2021-12-02 08:01
On August 31, 2018, the film director Joel Cohen, Ethan Cohen, and starring Tim Blake Nelson, Bill Heck, and Harry Milling made their debut on the red carpet at the Venice International Film Festival. On September 13, the film party released a trailer for Chinese characters. On October 4th, directors Joel Cohen, Ethan Cohen, and starring Tim Blake Nelson, Stephen Rutter, Bill Heck, Zoe Kazan, and Tyne Delly attended the New York International Film Festival Festival screening. On October 12th, director Joel Cohen, Ethan Cohen, Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarando and starring Tim Blake Nelson, Bill Heck, Zoe Kazan, Stephen Lu Joan Joe Aurel attended the premiere of the London International Film Festival on the red carpet, and actor Francis McDormand came to help. On November 6, the film party released the second trailer. On November 11th, director Joel Cohen, Ethan Cohen and starring Tim Blake Nelson, Willie Watson, Stephen Rutter, Bill Heck, Greene Haynes, Zoe ·Kazan, Sauer Rubineck, Chelsea Ross and others attended the American Film Institute Film Festival.
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  • Lynn 2021-12-02 08:01:26

    The Coen Brothers’ western story collection has many changes in aesthetics, style, and plot elements, including absurdity, black humor, and sentimental lyrical. In terms of plot, it also incorporates classic western elements such as duel, robbery, gold panning, pioneering, and battle with Indians. However, because it is a collection of six stories, the film also lacks the emotional completeness of the feature film, and is more like a game of the Coen brothers. I love Franco and Zoe Kazan the most.

  • Bertha 2022-03-30 09:01:04

    【B+】In this grotesque world, use ridicule to resolve absurdity, use ballads to fight fate, and finally die in relief. On the whole, this film is more like a dismantling and summary of past works, and still has that exaggerated but impeccable sense of maturity at the text level. Judging from the text-image theme formed by the six stories, the "sense of nothingness" in the director's style is also stronger than in previous works. The calm face before, and the next story that slowly opened. Just like those stories, we are also going to disappear into the wind and dust.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs quotes

  • Buster Scruggs (segment "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs"): Sir, it seems that you're are a no better a judge of human beings than you are a specimen of one. Just on a brief inventory I'd say you could use yourself a shave and a better disposition. And lastly, if you don't my mind me aspersing your friends... a better class of drinking buddies.

  • Buster Scruggs (segment "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs"): Don't let my white duds and pleasant demeanor fool ya. I, too, have been known to violate the statutes of man... and not a few of the laws of the Almighty!

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