The Barber of Siberia movie plot

2022-04-10 08:01
Tsarist Russia in 1885. Due to funding problems , AmericanRobert McClainplans to build a new type of logging machine, The Barber of Siberia, was put on holdHis beauty and social skills tricked the Moscow government into making the next investment.
On the train to Moscow, Jane meets Sergeant Andrei Tolstoy, a suave American woman who falls in love at first sight., the principal of Tolstoy's military academy, had a close relationship with the prince, so Jane used her skills to lure General Radlov to defraud the prince. Contact, but Radlov has real feelings for Jane. But by chance, Tolstoy discovered Jane's conversation with Radloff and mistakenly thought that she was deceiving himself. Tolstoy, who had always loved Jane, couldn't bear it, and used a bow at the opera performance. Injured rival Radlov, Radlov used the theme, Tolstoy was found to have attempted to murder the prince and was exiled to Siberia. At the train station, although Jane caught up with the final farewell, Tolstoy never saw the last time with Jane. After the incident, Radloff was promoted for defending the royal family, and Jane got the money as she wished.
Years later, Jane, who was married to Robert, came to Siberia with her husband and his logging machine. She planned to take Tolstoy away, but she saw that the Tolstoy maid had several children with him, and Jane left sadly.   .
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  • Dzheyn: I'm one of those women your mother must have warned you about.

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