The Barber of Siberia behind the scenes gags

2022-04-10 08:01
  1. The film was jointly filmed by France and Russia, but 70% of the lines were in English, which were translated by the director himself.
  2. Although the film was criticized as a Hollywood movie in a Russian coat, the film was not released in American theaters.
  3. Director Nikita Mikhalkov made a friendly cameo in the role of Tsar Alexander III in the film.
  4. The actors who play the officers in the film all underwent three months of military training at the Army Officers' School in Kostroma, in full compliance with the late 19th century rules of military exercises and guard duties.
  5. All the utensils in the film are made to order by Czech glassmakers.
  6. The winter of 1997 was unusual, with no snow and a warm climate, but the filmmakers wanted to film the snow-covered streets of Moscow and the Kremlin, so they used hundreds of thousands of tons of artificial snow.
  7. During the filming of the Shrovetide scene, the temperature of the lake surface rose to 12 degrees Celsius, and the ice on the lake could crack at any time because it could not bear the weight of the actors and props, so the staff spread dry ice on it and kept using liquid nitrogen to keep it in place. Cool down   .
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  • Dzheyn: I'm one of those women your mother must have warned you about.

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