The Beautiful Troublemaker evaluation action

2022-07-07 20:40
The film "The Unruly Girl" does not show too much the emotional entanglement of the three, but casts the camera to the scene of the artist's painting, which truly restores an artist's living condition and painting scene, making the film more lofty and far-reaching. conception.  
The film tells a thrilling story in an extremely bland and simple way. In a castle that escapes time, the beauty and creation of the world destroyed by time despairingly encounters unreasonable youth. The film is contemplative, the story is loose, and it is the cruelty inherent in beauty and the impossibility of escaping cruelty and delusional imitation of fixed beauty within time that guarantees the integrity   .
For the entire two hours of the film, nothing that can be called a "thing" happens. The time lost in silence, the psychological undercurrent that is difficult to capture in silence, the quiet narrative of the story   .
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