The Beautiful Troublemaker movie plot

2022-07-07 09:22
Fraunhofer () is an old painter, and his wife Liz () has always been the source and model of his creation, which is also what Liz is proud of. But over the years, Fraunhofer's creative inspiration has gradually dried up, and when he is faced with his wife's portrait, he even feels unable to write. When Mariana () is introduced to him by a friend, he hasn't picked up a paintbrush for nearly a decade. The appearance of the sexy and unrestrained Mariana rekindled the passion of the painter, and the two of them worked frantically all day in the closed studio. Liz tried to restrain her jealousy, but when Franhof covered his wife's portrait with Mariana's body, Liz couldn't bear it anymore, and an argument broke out between her and the painter.
The painting was completed, but Fraunhofer made an amazing move. He built the perfect painting into the stone wall forever. From then on, this masterpiece will always be hidden in the dark. 
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