The Brave evaluation action

2022-04-08 08:01
This film is the directorial debut of this bad boy. It should be said that it is very good. I see that there seems to be very little introduction in China. Obviously, its international status is so-so. This sinister-looking man has a soft and delicate side. He once The music immersed in it filters out his mania, and the things that settle down are worth watching, presenting to us an American movie that is not Hollywood.
Johnny Depp in the movie is an unemployed Indian, he and other neighbors are poorer than we can imagine, they are attached to huge garbage dumps, they live in old trailers or makeshift tents, there is no running water, no public transportation , without education, probably without legal status, and certainly without hope. It's more like they live in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan; Pakistan , to make matters worse, the place has been sold to developers who will soon drive everyone out of here.
Johnny Depp was introduced and found a "job" that worked hard for his life. In fact, it was not a job, but a business. The person who bought his life would torture him until he died, and the remuneration was just enough to arrange Johnny Depp's wife and children. God gave Johnny Depp a week to arrange all kinds of things, he wants his wife and children to get the money without fail, he wants to thank some poor brothers, these form the main line of the story.
I'm starting to think that Johnny Depp will fight the violence in the end and win. But no, he slaughtered at the neck, resolutely went to death, no one could save him, the community pastor was asked to collect the body and collect the money, he cried like a tearful man, God was powerless again, let hope go to hell. Especially after Johnny Depp gave his sons a playground full of lights, and a beautiful dress for his wife, the loss was unbearable for the audience, just imagine a man who sees death as his own, but feels the hardships of life. Impotence, this is not utter despair what is it? 
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The Brave quotes

  • Papa: By the way, I wouldn't leave my car out there too long; there are a lot of white people around.

  • Larry: Hey, listen to this. The other day I was driving down the highway, had the air-conditioner on, smoking my stogies, listening to some tunes, and this big fat crow lands on a billboard. Biggest, fattest crow I ever saw in my life. And I fix on him, and he dropped dead - boom, in the sand. Damndest thing I ever saw. Kind of made me sick. In fact, it made me poop. It made me poop my pants. It was about a four-inch, bell-shaped fece, very hard, very firm. Things haven't been going too good for me.

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