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2022-07-07 19:56
Homosexuals have existed since the dawn of mankind: similarly, since there have been movies, there have been homonyms on the screen—wait a minute, the meaning of 'appearance' does not necessarily refer to a face-to-face, upright, and dignified appearance on stage, but Yes (most of the time) they cover up and dodge, and dodge in and out (the literary accent is to say that they cross Chencang in the dark), otherwise, they will be in the wild without exception, neither female nor male.
Academy Award winners Epstein and Friedman were determined to set things right. Using the classic book "The Celluloid Closet" on gay films as a blueprint, they collected more than 100 Hollywood masterpieces, dissected them one by one, and dissected them one by one. Actors Tony Curtis, Sally Melin, Susan Sarandon and Hubin Goldberg were invited to share what they saw and heard. The completed film is not only a history of the development of Hollywood movies, but also a history of American pop culture treatment, the history of blood and tears in dealing with homosexuality/It makes you laugh out loud, and also teaches you to be silent. 
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  • Harvey Fierstein: I liked the sissy. Is it used in negative ways? Yeah, but, my view has always been visibility at any cost. I'd rather have negative than nothing.

  • Gore Vidal: The big change occurred when the movie moguls got together and save Hollywood. We must get an outsider, preferably some politician, who was above suspicion. So, they looked into the cabinet of Warren G. Harding. At that time there were a number of unindicted members of his cabinet. And they picked the Postmaster General, William Hays, of Indinia, who looked not unlike Mickey Mouse.

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