The White Balloon evaluation action

2022-07-07 11:21
The film is an excellent children's film directed by Iranian director Jafar Panahi. The film reflects the completely different perceptions of the world between adults and children from the perspective of children. It also reflects the life and social status of Iran's embarrassed civilian class from the side, and also expresses Iran's yearning for a peaceful and peaceful life.  
The film director Jafar Panahi's movement of the camera is simple and natural, without fancy techniques. The whole narrative style is calm and natural, but it does not make people feel bland. In particular, I want to mention the little girl who plays the heroine Nasia in the film. Her performance is completely unrefined and pure and natural. Whether it is joy, anxiety, depression, or anxiety, her expressions are all appropriate.  
The film is a moving work. The whole story revolves around picking up money. There is more warmth in the film, and less bitterness. But Jafar Panahi didn't make the story a simple lost and found situation, he added a thoughtful little Afghan boy at the end of the film, adding a different kind of melancholy and complexity to the happy ending.  
The film's director Jafar Panahi skillfully used dialects from all over Iran to move the background of the story from the countryside of northern Iran to the city. The entire narrative style adheres to the calm and natural nature of Iranian movies, but the whole scene is not dull, even memorable. The audience can learn about many characteristics of Iranian people's life.  
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The White Balloon quotes

  • Ali: You're whining again!

    Razieh: Mom refuses to give me money for the goldfish.

    Ali: Don't you like ours?

    Razieh: You call these goldfish, you haven't seen the others. It's as though they're dancing when they move their fins. And they've got so many fins.

    Ali: How much?

    Razieh: The shopkeeper said 100 tomans.

    Ali: 100 tomans! You want to pay 100 tomans for a goldfish. You can watch two films with that money. You're nuts.

  • Shop Owner: Time to go home now.

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