The White Balloon movie plot

2022-07-07 20:55
The Chinese New Year is approaching, 7-year-old girl Nasia's New Year's wish is to buy a fat, white goldfish with four fins, but because her family is poor, her mother never agrees. Finally, under her and her brother's hard work, her mother agreed to this request and gave her the only 500 yuan in the family. On the way to buy fish, driven by curiosity, Nasia got into the crowd watching the snake charmer. As a result, the snake charmer defrauded her of the money she put in the fish tank, but Naxia’s sad tears forced the snake charmer to finally The money was returned to her. However, when she arrived at the goldfish shop, she found that the 500 yuan in the goldfish tank was lost at some point. A kind old lady couldn't bear to see Nasia's sad look, and accompanied her on the way to find the money. Finally, she found the money on the wire cover of the ditch in front of a store on the roadside. However, at this moment, a motorcycle happened to drive by and scraped the money into the bottom of the ditch. The impatient old lady asked the owner of a tailor shop next door to help Nasia get the money out, and then left first.
Nasia was looking forward to the help of the tailor shop owner, but he was too busy arguing with a customer, and had no time to take care of Nasia. Nasia stood by the ditch in disappointment but could do nothing. At this time, her brother came to look for her. Looking at the money lying at the bottom of the ditch, there was nothing he could do. He tried to ask the adults who passed by for help, but the adults were busy going home to prepare for the New Year, and no one wanted to. Mind the business. In the end, Nasia's brother got the help of an Afghan boy who was selling balloons on the street, and they glued the money to the bottom of a stick tied to a Badkonake sefid with chewing gum. Nasia and her brother hopped away with the money, while the Afghan boy held the only remaining Badkonake sefid and looked at their backs with a loss. At this time, the New Year's bell rang in my ears. 
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The White Balloon quotes

  • Ali: You're whining again!

    Razieh: Mom refuses to give me money for the goldfish.

    Ali: Don't you like ours?

    Razieh: You call these goldfish, you haven't seen the others. It's as though they're dancing when they move their fins. And they've got so many fins.

    Ali: How much?

    Razieh: The shopkeeper said 100 tomans.

    Ali: 100 tomans! You want to pay 100 tomans for a goldfish. You can watch two films with that money. You're nuts.

  • Shop Owner: Time to go home now.

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