The Child evaluation action

2022-03-24 08:01
"The Child" does not explain any cause and effect, there is no complicated psychological entanglement, it just shows the process directly. The most complex and critical plot variations are handled in a very understated way. The artistic style of the film has gradually changed compared with the previous Darney Brothers films. The editing frequency has slowed down a lot, and the shots are no longer shaken for no reason. Although there are still many long shots, the editing is very decisive. In addition, the tones are also much brighter, especially the protagonist's girlfriend Sonia, who later wore a red sweater, showing a kind of love that comes from the female maternal instinct   .
In "The Child", the Darney brothers made a lot of new attempts in photography, they were looking for a new way of expression: without copying reality, the film finally achieved a deep root   .
"The Child" is a film without the arrival of God, and without a director who mistakenly thinks he is God   .
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The Child quotes

  • Bruno: Only fuckers work.

  • Bruno: Did you fart?

    Thomas: No.

    [Bruno laughs, walks away smelling something in the air]

    Thomas: Must be the school's food.

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