The Deep Blue Sea evaluation action

2022-03-29 08:01
"The Deep Blue Sea" is a very literary film. Its poetic narrative and editing rhythm, dense video style, lingering soundtrack and restrained but highly connotative performance seem to be transformed into wonderful novels. words. The portrayal of love in the film is extremely restrained, and the surging emotional power is often hidden under the silent lines and expressions. Tom Hiddleston is the most disturbing element in love, the source of all excitement and fear   .
The film is extremely dry and hard to swallow. There are basically three scenes in all: the husband's house, the lover's house, and the small bar. If Hester's estrangement from her husband can still be explained in a few words, her love with her lover is confusing - a few dreamy shots are completely unable to support this crazy emotion and desire. What the audience sees is the break, repair, break and repair with the lover. From beginning to end, there are large sections of intense and dry dialogue, similar to the harsh and heart-piercing nails scratching the surface of the car.
The dull connotation runs through the whole film, but the director handles the details very well, and even can feel the anxiety of the fire burning the paper, the dryness of the smoke passing through the throat and reaching the lungs, and also understand that the film uses a kind of gentleness to express the intensity, in the depression Show a kind of majesty - whether it's love or despair. "The Deep Blue Sea" presents a middle-aged, delicate but crazy female soul whose nerves are as thin as cicada's wings but keep trembling. It doesn't have the vigor and vitality of the American style, and it is full of succession and transformation, and it is not like the original drama. The atmosphere is very delicately outlined, but it cannot make people feel the subtlety or vastness of "I love you" by the story itself   .
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Extended Reading
  • Kiana 2022-04-04 09:01:08

    The actor is very good, the plot is hypocritical

  • Ernest 2022-04-24 07:01:26

    Dou Sen's bad Lanyin always makes people hate it, the picture is so good

The Deep Blue Sea quotes

  • Hester Collyer: Lust isn't the whole of life, but Freddie is, you see, for me. The whole of life. And death. So, put a label on that, if you can.

  • Mrs. Elton: A lot of rubbish is talked about love. You know what real love is? It's wiping someone's arse or changing the sheets when they've wet themselves. And letting them keep their dignity so you can both go on.

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