The Den movie plot

2022-10-19 22:03
Elizabeth Benton (Melanie Papalia), a young woman, is conducting anthropological research on the application of topics and funding for the online chat software the DEN. She tries to chat with netizens all over the world, hoping to investigate their Internet access. Habits and interests. The virtual network gives people the space to release their ego and desire, and the camera satisfies their desire to vent and spy. Browsing the web, people all over the world are showing off their witty, ugly, and sinful sides. On this day, Elizabeth accidentally chatted with a girl with a still image, and then witnessed the brutal murder of the other party. The frightened Elizabeth quickly called the police, but the police were undecided, and her boyfriend Damian (David Schlachtenhaufen) also believed that the video was fake. Until one day, Damian suddenly disappeared, and her friends were involved in a series of horror events. 
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